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Dad Riding Dad Riding

Michael Mara gears up for an exciting Y2K full of poppin' wheelies! Megan is nonchalantly rocking what looks like adidas sandals, and she could quite easily be mistaken for a movie star, though we aren't sure which one. *UPDATE* We have just received notification from Carrie Thompson that Megan looks like a girl from Jurassic Park. RAWR

Jurassic Park

Trevor enjoyed Father's day by basking in the 80 degree sunshine with his muscle shirt. He's really been working on his arms, and boy does he like them tan. TAN is the new 20. Curls for the girls and tan for the man

THIS JUST IN: Official word is that YELLOW is the new favorite color of Americans, topping the charts at 87% favorites! Stay tuned for our feature page of YELLOW BMX products. This is going to be life changing


This survery was conducted by the #1 Wisconsin statistician Kristin Mara. Big things coming from her in the future. STAT 4 LYFE


Katilin Mara is restless now that school has ended, and her husband deserted her for greener grass. She daydreams of spending time with her cousins and other family

She gets to read by the beach, and watch tv, and this is an interruption from the devil... LOOK BEHIND YOU! drink iced coffee